Train and Railroad Accidents

Trains first came on the scene nearly two hundred years ago; yet, they are still the source of deadly accidents to this day. Railroad workers and even passengers are frequently injured or killed in railroad accidents. There are many factors that can lead to a major New Jersey or New York train accident, but one thing is for certain, this type of incident can be life changing.

At the law firm of Zimmer &amp Associates, we understand the challenges faced following a train wreck, accident on a platform, or railroad employee injury. We know the worries going through your mind and the confusion you might be feeling regarding what you should do after you have been hurt. Our railroad injury attorneys represent cases in New York and New Jersey and are passionate about helping injured subway, train &amp railroad workers and passengers obtain the compensation in which they deserve.

We frequently represent New York and New Jersey train, railroad &amp subway accident cases involving the following:

  • Subway accident
  • Railroad injury sustained on the job for FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act) workers
  • Solvent exposure
  • Train derailment
  • Falls while working on the railroad
  • Electrical explosions
  • Back injuries resulting from railroad work
  • Railroad crossing accident

Injured New York Railroad Workers. When it comes to railroad workers, they are involved in an occupation that is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the nation. If you or one of your family members works within the railroad industry, you are well aware of the physical demands and hazards placed on workers.

The Federal Employers Liability Act gives railroad employees the right to sue their employers for damages following an on-the-job injury. FELA was supposed to make the railroad industry safer, but railroad companies still seem to put workers in dangerous situations. For example, any of the following can lead to a devastating train injury:

  • Insufficient safety standards
  • Inadequate training of railroad workers
  • Poor maintenance
  • Dangerous or defective equipmentt
  • Other negligent acts by the railroad

Under FELA, an injured railroad worker can recover compensation for injuries resulting from negligence on the part of the railroad, its supervisors, agents, coworkers or others. The compensation that can be obtained through FELA can be substantial and may include lost wages, pain and suffering, future impairment of earning capacity, medical bills and other damages. Injured railroad employees may also be eligible for disability benefits through the United States Railroad Retirement Board. You do not have to prove fault or negligence to qualify for benefits, including medical payments. The laws pertaining to train injuries are complex, though, which is why you need to consult with an experienced New York railroad injury attorney.

Many people rely on the subway and commuter train system in New York as their main mode of transportation. As a passenger, you feel relatively safe while riding
the train, but unfortunately accidents do happen and when they do, the outcome is especially devastating. Mistakes made by the train conductor, defective tracks or
platforms, malfunctioning equipment and maintenance failure can all lead to a catastrophic train or subway accident. If you have been hurt while riding the subway or a commuter train, you might be entitled to compensation and could hold the railroad company liable. Our train and subway accident lawyers frequently represent passengers who have been injured by the following railroad companies:

  • Amtrak
  • Metro-North
  • Staten Island Rapid Transit (SIRTOA)
  • Long Island Railroad
  • CSX

Our train accident attorneys can help you. At the law firm of Zimmer &amp Associates, we spare no reasonable expense to help you win your case. Our train accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to investigate and prepare a strong railroad injury claim on your behalf. Our law firm represents railroad accident victims throughout the United States, and primarily in New York.

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