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On No Win No Fee Claims

Quality attorneys will generally signal their ability to take on and win a personal injury case by accepting a “no win no fee” arrangement, also known as a contingency fee arrangement.

By offering contingency fees, our firm is able to give access to legal counsel to those who may not otherwise have had it. Be wary of being offered legal counsel on a conditional fee basis. If a lawyer wishes to charge an hourly rate, it is possible that they will overstate their abilities to you. After all, they have everything to gain from simply accepting the money and working at their own pace. In a conditional fee arrangement, even if the lawyer fails to settle the case, you will be charged and stand little to no chance of recovering that money.

If you are paying an hourly rate, your attorney has no reason to accurately tell you how much your settlement might be worth, or even if the odds of winning the settlement are good. On the other hand, “no win no fee” arrangements ensure the attorney is acting in your interest since if we don’t win the case, nobody gets paid.

This system makes sense because:

  • The lawyer will act in your best interest no matter what.
  • The amount of trivial lawsuits is reduced. If your lawyer feels the case is frivolous, they won’t accept it on this kind of fee system. This will make sure both your time and their time is respected.
  • It allows those with restrained financial resources to access legal counsel.

Seeking justice:

Most importantly, no win no fee arrangements have allowed great access to justice in our society. If it weren’t for this system, there would be countless individuals who, after suffering car accidents, negligence, medical malpractice and other issues, would be denied fair compensation due to the size of their pocketbooks.

Improved health outcomes:

Another important result of conditional fees is improved health outcomes for victims. Once a victim has received their settlement, they are able to afford exactly the kind of care they need to ensure a long and happy life after their injury.

Be empowered:

The way to become empowered about your case is to contact us and see if you have a case at all. To get this absolutely free process started, click HERE.

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