Medical Malpractice

Special rules apply to injuries caused by medical malpractice, especially during emergency medical care. State laws protect “first responders” from most lawsuits. And even though no such protections apply to doctors and nurses in the emergency room, emergencies by their very nature lower the professional expectation to avoid mistakes.

Here’s a brief primer on when first responders, emergency room doctors and medical staff, hospitals, and off-duty doctors are liable for medical malpractice.
When a licensed healthcare professional acts negligently, causing injury or death to a patient, that patient or their loved ones may be entitled to collect damages. The
medical malpractice attorneys at the Law Offices of Ronald S. Zimmer are experienced professionals in seeking due compensation for such occurrences.

As with most malpractice cases, both sides will hire experts to testify about what a competent doctor should have done in the same situation. A hospital is often
responsible for a doctor’s or other medical staff person’s medical malpractice. Although hospitals are almost always liable for medical staff mistakes, that is normally not true with doctors. In a non-emergency situation, if the doctor is not an employee of the hospital (many are independent contractors) and the patient knew that fact, the hospital is not responsible for the doctor’s negligence

When a medical provider fails to follow procedure or performs an operation they should not have, this could be a case of medical malpractice. If you or a loved one
was injured as a result of medical malpractice or you simply have a question that has not yet been answered, please call our medical malpractice attorneys at 1-(866)4270-HURT).

Medical malpractice can include negligence by a medical professional for the following situations:

  • Failure to properly diagnose a disease or illness
  • Medication errors
  • Errors in the operating room
  • Failure to adequately provide follow-up care
  • Delivery room or prenatal errors
  • Miscalculations involving anesthesia
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Contracting infections in the hospital
  • Adverse reaction to medication

Doctors and physicians are not the only people who can be responsible for medical malpractice. Nurses, nursing aids, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and others can likewise act in a manner that endangers someone’s health or life.

It is not smart to assume that you don’t need an expert because your case is “apparent.” Sometimes the doctor’s incompetence may be obvious, but not whether the incompetence caused the injury. Other times, the defendant will convincingly argue that the doctor did not have exclusive control over the situation. It pays to have a legal expert waiting in the wings. Because medical malpractice law is highly regulated by a complex body of rules and laws that vary considerably from county to county,it is often essential to get advice or representation from a legal expert. Zimmer & Associates can provide that expert legal advice.

Keep in mind that a bad outcome from surgery is not the basis of medical malpractice. In fact, there has to be negligence on the part of the medical professional in order for that determination to be made. Nonetheless, nearly a quarter of a million deaths each year, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, can be attributed to medical malpractice, which makes it the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Zimmer & Associates can go to battle for you against the insurance company that represents the medical professional who caused your injury. From start to finish, our attorneys can prepare a case against the medical professional, and if need be, present the case in a court of law to win compensation for your injuries, or for the premature death of a loved one. Don’t delay contacting our office right away to protect your rights and get the claims process started.

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